The purpose of this site it to encourage you in your faith & ministry.  This site is for young pastors who possibly need a helping hand in ministry.  I want to be here for you.  Maybe you are a lay leader or teacher and seeking new ideas or insight.  Hopefully this site can be a help to you.  Last but not least, this site is also for new Christians, and even older ones, who want to study God’s Word.  I will share with you Bible studies that I have personally written over four decades of ministry.

I’ve been a solo pastor, a missionary pastor and senior pastor over a multiple staff.  I’ve been the shepherd of a church of twelve to a church of over three fifty.  It’s been my privilege to be used of God to plant two churches from the ground up.  What I’m trying to say is I’ve been there done that, and if my experience can be of help to you then this Blog will have fulfilled its purpose. 

I’ve divided this site into three parts.  First is Life in Ministry.  Here I hope to post personal information about day to day ministry that might be an encouragement to you. 

I also have a category for Bible studies.  These studies are not just information, nor are they just theology, they are also about personal application and growth. 

My last category is simply shepherding.  Here I will post information that may be helpful to you in ministry.  . 

Hopefully we can connect on a personal level so if you need some advice or a shoulder to cry on you can contact me below.

Under His Wings, Rev. Jim Miller