Revelation Chapter 8

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Lesson #11: Revelation Ch. 8

Chapter 8: The 7th Seal & 7 Trumpets

Vs. 1, The 7th Seal.  Now our view goes back to earth and the 7th Seal, which opens another view of the Great Tribulation.  This seal seems to contain the Seven Trumpets.  The Trumpets appear to show us the trials of the earth, while the last set, the Vials, show us the sufferings of men. 

Why do you think there was silence in heaven before the sound of the seven trumpets?

Vs. 2-5, Here we see the seven angels with their seven trumpets ready to blow.  Before they sound, this golden censer filled with incense is cast to the earth.  What do you think this implies? 

Vs. 6-7, 1st Trumpet, hail & fire, mingled with blood.  (Compare Ex.9:22-24)  This starts forest fires galore aided by great drought (11:6) and caused by the two witnesses.  1/3 of the land mass is on fire, 1/3 trees, all grass, scorched. 

How do you think these great plagues might affect the climate of the earth?

Vs. 8-9, 2nd Trumpet is a meteor as big as a mountain hitting the earth.  This pollutes the sea, turns 1/3 to blood.  (Divine Judgment).  1/3 of Sea life dies, 1/3 of ships are destroyed. 

How might this plague affect not only the sea but the earth’s economy as well?

Vs. 10-11, 3rd Trumpet, another falling body, “star” (possibly a hot mass of gases).

Wormwood is also translated hemlock (poison).  1/3 of drinking water is poisoned. 

How would this plague affect human civilization?

Vs. 12, The 4th trumpet.  1/3 of all light is taken away.

What did Jesus teach about this in Luke 21:25-26? 

Vs. 13, We should note that translations differ here.  Is this an “eagle” or an “angel”? The words are very similar.  It seems like an angel fits the context better.  Whatever the case, the message is more important. 

What is the message to the peoples of the world?

At this point in Revelation, we see the elders (who represent the redeemed) in heaven.  Meanwhile, the terrible wrath of God is being poured out on the earth in what is known at the Great Tribulation.  We believe this to be a seven-year period (the 70th week of Daniel).  The Revelation reveals the Tribulation period to us in three narratives.  The Seals, the Trumpets and the Vials.  We have gone through the seal judgments and trumpet judgments one through four.  The seals showed us an overview of the entire Tribulation, while the trumpets seem to show us how the earth especially is affected.  

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