A Protocol for church planting

How do you know when a community needs a new church?

Where the church meets in Buffalo Montana.

Webster defines protocol as “the established ceremonial forms in official dealings.”  That’s not what I mean here in speaking of a protocol of planting a church.  The word protocol is also used of the order of things.  What begins and what comes next.  It is in that sense that I use the word in connection with church planting.  What follows is a brief account of how God saw fit to plant a church in Three Forks Montana, and how we accomplished that.  In looking back there were five steps we followed.  (1) Assessing the need, (2) Planning the birth, (3) Birthing the Church (4) Organizing the church, (5) Letting go.  This was our protocol, and if it can be of help to you in your ministry then we are gratified.

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Once these goals are met, you have done the job God has called you to.  A church has been born!  Now what will God do with it as the years go by?  Hopefully it is a group of people God can use to His glory! 

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