The Church is all about people!


My Philosophy of ministry is based on the concept that the Church is the family of God not the “business of God”. The Church is all about people, not about the “bottom line”. It about ministry not buildings. It’s about discipleship that puts people in ministry. My view of ministry isn’t based on the concept of success but rather the concept of what makes for a healthy Church. 

What a privilege it has been for Kathy and I to shepherd God’s people. God has called and gifted me to be a pastor teacher. I have served as a church planter, missionary pastor, solo pastor, associate pastor, field director and Bible College Instructor. It has been a blessing! As the Montana Field Director I was usually in a different church every Sunday. I’ve learned so much about churches and about “The Church” by serving in this position. Often people say to me “you are so passionate!” I have to admit I am excited about God, His Word and his People.

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